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If you live in a competitive housing market, staging will set your home apart from similar ones in your area. Staging allows you to improve the appeal of your home to potential buyers by arranging furniture and décor to bring out its best features. Even if you don’t wish to hire a professional stager, there are still ways to give your home an extra advantage before presenting to potential buyers.
Throughout the house: Focus on the best aspects of your home. Chances are, what first drew you to your home will draw in potential buyers as well. Play up the best features, such as high ceilings, refinished hardwood floors or even a great view. Clear the clutter. Removing knickknacks and personal items creates a neutral space. Cleared space makes your rooms appear larger, which allows potential buyers to focus on the best features, plan furniture placement and envision themselves in the home. Clear the air. If you have pets, consider getting an air purifier. Potential buyers who may be allergic can become distracted by having a reaction while they view your home.

By room: In the kitchen Instead of replacing cabinets, stain or paint them a neutral colour and add new hardware. If your appliances are dated, install new ones. In the living room If you have hardwood floors, replace damaged boards and give them a good sanding and fresh stain. If you have built-in bookshelves, be sure to stage them as well.

Clear the clutter and include a few strategically placed decorative items to highlight this attractive feature. In the bathroom Clean your walls and wipe away any surface mould. A coat of paint will give it an instant makeover. If you have glass doors, scrub them well. In the bedroom Remove unnecessary furniture and store unused items.

Create a colour scheme and coordinate bedding and window treatments to tie it all together. For all other rooms Paint the walls and furnish the room with a desk and chair, armchair and bookcase.

Don’t forget to boost curb appeal. If your house hasn’t been painted in years, give it a fresh coat. Clean up garden beds and prune bushes and shrubs. Stain or paint your front door, along with your deck, to give your buyers a great first impression.